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Working in the Capacity of a Financial Planner

A comprehensive financial plan is both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative in that it considers your family's personal values, needs and wants and translates them into a cashflow based plan, quantitively. We work with a wide diversity of clients. As an example, consider a farmer in second marriage with children from both spouses, one of them infirm and permanently disabled whose concern is meeting family's current lifestyle, planning for retirement and shedding light on estate planning whether healthy or if a critical illness struck. We presented for Kelowna Estate Planning Society, in British Columbia in January 2023. See EXCERPT here.

Working in the Capacity of a Financial Advisor

No plan is worthy without implementation of legal and tax strategies, and, financial products. As a One-Stop shop, we offer optional implementation service working with your legal and tax advisors or refer to own partners. For investments, insurance, banking and lending we can implement where we are permitted via our own regulatory licensing or we refer to our financial partners.

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