TERRA FIRMA Financial Inc.

Terra Firma = Solid Ground™ 

FP Canada (formerly, the Financial Planning Standards Council) is the licensing body for the CFP® mark, internationally managed by the Financial Planning Standards Board (USA) and has been awarded the prestigious, international ISO 17024 Standard by the Standards Council of Canada.

Visit FPSC at https://www.fpcanada.ca to learn about competencies, ethics, practice standards and engagement rules.  All these are designed to protect you, the consumer.

TERRA FIRMA will enter into a formal planning engagement whereby, amongst others, the following areas will be addressed:

- Planner Due Diligence and Fiduciary Duty

- Scope of Services

- Tenure and Timeframe

- Compensation

- Conflicts of Interest

- Communication

Rest assured you will be given INDEPENDENT, UNBIASED professional, written, comprehensive plan, advice and recommendations to make intelligent choices for implementation of strategies, services and products in all areas of your financial life to make you financially successful.