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Research shows nearly half of Canadians seek financial advice from family or friends who may be trusted yet unqualified.  Nearly as many choose their local bank branch while unaware of financial services regulatory limitations.  In some organizations up-selling and cross-selling is the norm.  Numerous studies show that seeking help from a qualified independent Financial Planner is very beneficial.   If you are looking for unbiased, independent advice you are in the right place.  FP Canada Financial Planning Standards Council awards the Certified Financial Planner® designation following rigorous educational and field experience process.  The CFP® is internationally recognized by Financial Planning Standards Board and accredited with ISO 17024.    To learn about definitions, standards and competencies access the CFP® Blue Book here.

Our service commitment has been paralleled with 'White-Glove' attention to detail because we believe that what you don't know may cost you.  With inherent fortitude and experience since 1995, we have been designing financial futures with goal specific full financial plans and single purpose decision making.  We view trust as a two-way street and we prove it with our work by presenting evidence-based potential outcomes in our planning process and not based on emotional sentiment or industry hype-up.


If you understand that taxes and inflation are the two most persistent threats to your financial security, if you believe that it is not what you make but what you keep that matters, if you respect education and independent advice, demand professionalism and value long-term relationships, independent advice, appreciate due diligence, full disclosure and fiduciary duty, and, are interested in protection and preservation of your assets as the first priority, our engagement will be a good fit.


PLANNING SERVICES Examples: All Provinces

  • SUDDEN WEALTH: How do I plan for and manage sale of business, inheritances, divorce, lottery, etc.?
  • ASSET & WEALTH PROTECTION: What steps can I take to protect my retirement and estate from family grievances and creditors?
  • INCOME GENERATION: How do I get the most out your retirement income with tax and inflation in mind?
  • RETIREMENT CREATION:  How do make The Income Tax Act work for me?
  • PENSIONS:  How do I create a pension plan in my business to ten-fold the RRSP deduction? Should I opt in for the lump sum?
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Should I reduce, retain or transfer the risk through various insurance strategies?
  • TAX, TRUST & ESTATE PLANNING: How do I make the rules work in my special situation?
  • BUSINESS SUCCESSION: How do I pass on the business or how to cash out most effectively?
  • CASH, DEBT & CREDIT MANAGEMENT:  Am I optimized and what if I am not?  Why is this area so secretive?
  • BUSINESS FINANCING PROCUREMENT: Too busy being in business to work on my business to grow it, can you help?
  • GROUP BENEFITS & EMPLOYER SPONSORED PENSION PLANS: What are some retention strategies for Key Employees?


For most client families, we act as the first stop for all financial advice often working with other professionals toward the common goal. Our advice is complemented by accounting, tax or legal advisory products as well as specialized financial products from well-known financial services providers in areas of banking, lending, investment, insurance, etc.

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